Complete Student
Tracking & Health Monitoring
Features Below.


parents manage the data about their kids, routes, geo-fencing, temperature and other data through the system giving them complete control.


complete system is built with comprehensive security protocols to ensure safety, protection and AI based health monitoring data analysis using high end protocols

and Notifications

parents get notified about the whereabouts of the kids within school premises or any designated area as well as during school transit.


Schools & Parents have access to reports for their kids with alerts when they go in and out of any designated area, body temperature also reported.

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Powerful Solutions for the Schools.

Our custom designed gotrack is a comprehensive student monitoring system that helps track and monitor student’s presence in school as well as during school transit and while they are outside (with parent app).

  • school application is android based app which reside on bus, school gates and in classes and records check-in and check-out of students carrying iBeacon tags.

  • Parents have their own mobile applications which are available on iOS and Android, and can use the app to get notifications and updates about their child’s location. parents can also track the bus in real time.

  • These devices and tags will be available with students, school buses, parents and will be used to record the movement, check-ins and check-outs, the devices and tags are designed with child friendly shapes, colors & sizes.

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How it Works?
on Single Platform.

A fully automated system requiring only a little human intervention to manage and run the system, making it error free and provides better assurance to schools and parents.

A comprehensive eco-system including apps and web portal to help schools and parents track and monitor kids in real time.

Gotrack out performs the available non standard based tracking system in the market with no commitments as compared to the only solution with guaranteed SLA certified and monitored by the government agencies with data protection

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Frequently Asked

What is the battery Life of the devices?

The battery provided by us is high grade lithium batteries and on single charge it can withstand 12 to 16 hours depending on the GPS and RF function used.

What happens if the device is spolied? will you replace it?

The device is under 1 year warranty and it will be replaced if there is a technical fault with the function. For unlimited warranty of wear and tear please refer back to your school and check the package availed.

How to update application new features

All the devices are dynamically updated and any new features will be notified to the authroised principle account holder

How to connect with the support?

For any product or service related issue please contact the principle account holder, in many cases the principle account holder is the schools.

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